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  • Collection: 2020 CALA Annual Conference

Report on the impact Carleton College's Haldore Hanson's China collection (1937-1938)

Carleton College Archives and Special Collection holds 147 print photographs taken in China in 1937 and 1938 by Haldore Hanson (1912-1992). After Hanson’s death, his family donated these photographs to Carleton College, from which he graduated in…

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OCUL Collaborative Futures Project

Ontario university libraries in Canada have a long history of collaboration and cooperation to address challenges libraries have been facing together to meet users’ needs. In 2013, a provincial wide discussion was initiated by a group of information…

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Make the Most of Data Analyzation to Improve Library Website UX

The Web Service Team in Miami University Libraries has conducted a series of user behavior and demographics data collecting. The scripts are generated in Google Analytics and, and be embedded in the university library websites. This…

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GIS and Senior Services During Pandemics

This presentation gave insightful introduction of Geographic information system (GIS) and how it makes big impacts on public libraries services through various GIS apps.

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