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Collected Works of Hwa-Wei Lee.

This book was publichsed in 2011 to honor Dr. Lee's 80th birthday and in recognition of the impact of his scholarship. The first volume includes scholarly articles written by Dr. Lee, while the second volume includes his dessertations.

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Zhishi Guanli de Lilun yu Shijian

This book discusses the background and needs for information management, the current research state for information management, information strategy and the design of motivation theory.

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OCLC Compact Disk and Online Cataloging

This book was written by Wihan Diao, Andrew Wang, and Dr. Li after Diao's visit to Ohio University.

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On Modern Library Management

This book discusses modern libraries' missions and visions, development, organization, leadership, and management.

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Fundraising for the 1990s: The Challenge Ahead -- A Practical Guide for Library Fundraising: From Novice to Expert.

This book discusses Dr. Lee's successful fundraising experience at the Ohio University.

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Library Development, Resource Sharing, and Networking among Higher Education Institutions in Papua New Guinea. Final Report and Recommendations

This report presents recommendations for the upgrading of higher education information resources in Papua New Guinea according to acceptable norms, effective sharing of resources through phased introduction of automation and networking, and the…

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Librarianship in World Perspective: Selected Writings

This book discusses librarianship in world perspective. Part of the book is in Chinese.

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Areas of Cooperation in Library Development in Asia and Pacific Regions

These papers were presented at the 1983 Joint Annual Program of the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association and Chinese American Librarians Association, June 28-29, 1983, Los Angeles, California.

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Educational Development in Taiwan under Nationalist Government, 1945 - 1962

This dissertation discusses about the educational development in Taiwan under the Nationalist Government from 1945 to 1962.

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