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The Integrated Library System’s APIs

Introduction to Web API coding for library online cataloging system (Voyager), including features, structure of system, with corresponding API coding (PHP).

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2018 CALA Annual Conference Poster Session: Showcase of Your Achievements

CALA Poster Session Announcemen_fullversion.pdf
Poster session hosted by the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) during its 2018 annual conference. The goal of the poster session is for its members to showcase, discuss and share achievements in research, work in progress, best…

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Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA ) Constitution and Bylaws

The organization is incorporated in the state of Illinois.
The purpose of this organization are:
To provide a forum for discussing problems and concerns of Asian/Pacific American, for the exchange of ideas by Asian/Pacific American librarians and…

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Getting to know SCUA

David Benjamin joined the UCF Libraries as Head of Special Collections & University Archives in September 2015. David comes from the University of Arizona where he was the Assistant Director of the Volkerding Study Center at the Center for Creative…

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Information sec__ity , what’s missing? UR!

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Care to be aware! Stop by this session and get a brief introduction about information security and what role we all have in keeping information safe. Remember, Control + Alt + Delete when you leave your seat!

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Help-seeking in the academic library in the digital age: a review of the research and a conversation

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Asking for help with library research can be difficult for students for many reasons. In this presentation, I will discuss some of the research on the topic of help-seeking. Many students still use a traditional approach by talking to a librarian at…

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