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Author Agreement

For work being contributed by its own author:


With the intent to deposit this work for dissemination to the general public, I agree to the following items and conditions:

  1. the Work is my original work
  2. the Work contains no misrepresentation or infringement of third parties' work or property
  3. the Work contains no libel, invasion of privacy, or other unlawful matter
  4. the Work is fully responsible by myself for all legal and contents issues including copyright claim.
  5. I have obtained all necessary rights to permit the CALA-CALASYS to distribute the Work and that any third-party owned content is clearly identified and acknowledged within the Work.


For work being contributed by someone other than its author:


I have been designated as a proxy by the author of this Work. I certify that the Author has instructed me to contribute this work to CALA-CALASYS. I understand that clicking on the “Submit” button indicates my agreement to the terms contained in this Author Agreement.


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